Interior Detail

Do you remember what it was like to open the door to your vehicle when it was new? The feel of the leather, the smell of the fresh interior, the look of the dash, steering wheel, even the mats were pristine.

Interior services provide a surgical level of interior cleaning. By using steam and specific cleaners, we ensure safe removal of dirt, body oils, make up and residue.

All interior services start with a thorough vacuum of the carpets and mats. Some plastic pieces will be removed for better cleaning.

Carpets are shampooed, steamed and then a carpet neutralizer is applied to return the carpet back to a neutral PH state.

Windows are cleaned and buffed to a streak free view.

All door sections, dash and consoles are cleaned.

Leather is cleaned and conditioned, using safe, specific cleaners and conditioners.

All surfaces are protected, leaving the interior with a matte, new vehicle appearance. Surfaces look like they should, not overly glossy or shiny.

I also offer fabric protection and interior coatings that can be applied after the interior service is complete. (See Add-On Services for pricing)

Prices Starting At


Prices based off size and condition of vehicle.

(Please note that I request that the interior have all personal items removed BEFORE we arrive. This is to insure that no personal items are lost or misplaced during the detail. Thank you)